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I’m  a lifetime Philladelphia sports fan. I have spent my entire life watching and attending Philly sporting events. I’m presently an Eagles season ticket holder and a Phillies Sunday season ticket holder and a Penn State footbal season ticket holder. I attend 6-8 Flyers games a year. I’ve seen the good and bad of every Philly sports team but am still a fan and will be until the end. My biggest disappointment with Philadelphia is the negative media. Many of them are not from Philly but feel it’s their right to trash everything about our sports teams. Sports radio has allowed the passionate fans to buy in to the poison that these people pass out.

  1. Hello,

    My name is Mike Boryla. I used to be a
    QB for the Eagles. I am now a playwright. I have
    written a play about Bergey, Sisemore Papale etc. I am just starting to send it to theatres in
    Phillie. Let me know if you would like to read it.

    Michael J. Boryla

    • Would love to Mike. I remember you well as a player here. Stanford, as I recall. I think you made a Pro Bowl here?? I see Bill, Vince and Kevin Reilly around all the time. All good guys. Also, be glad to help you get the word around any way I can.

  2. Can you send me your e-mail address.
    I don’t want to post it on the web. My e-mail

    Michael J. Boryla

  3. Bill,

    I am getting concerned about you. it is mid September and we have no in depth analysis of the Eagles. You have spoiled us in the recent past with your unbiased straight forward writing approach to Sports. i can understand that advanced age is slowing you down but I cannot accept a zero effort. I will be glad to assist in gathering stats, researching facts or showing you how to turn on your lap top. Offensive lineman and quality media cannot be late to the game.

    Hope all is well.


  4. I look forward to your brilliance. Did you suffer any burns from all those candles?

  5. Bill, Are you so disgusted with Philly sports that you have given up writing about the Eagles and the Phillies? Need I remind you that once you signed on to be the one voice of reason you cannot quit. Philly has plenty of dopes for fans ( including me). But you have been that stalwart voice against the insanity. You no to what I refer, Fire Reid hire Gruden, trade Vick for Luck and bring back a Ryan with the 46 defense.
    Come on Bill we are flapping in the wind. If you hide from the job we will go into that deep dark hole like 1963 to 1976.
    You will always have time to earn a living, manage your family life but now you must save a City that again teeters at the edge of a cliff.

    • Thanks Dave for the encouragment. Frankly, it’s tough to come up with much positive to write about The Birds!! Hockey died on us. I watched the Eagles on Monday night, the elcetion on Tuesday and the 76ers on Wednesday. The 76ers won and it might have been the worst of the 3 bads!!! I’ve struggled to stay on board with PSU. I’m still not buying what O’Brien is selling there, although at times they’ve played well. We will get something going soon!!! I haven’t quit I just don’t want to be piling on!!!

  6. Your analysis is honest. The world is full of nay Sayers and cheer leaders. We need the truth. That the Eagles have a lot of talent but talent alone does not win Championships. The Eagles made a bad calculation with Vick, name a running QB over 30 that has won a championship? How do you change the offense to allow for losing four starters on the O line? Where is the defense and special teams? Then the big question is it time for Reid to move on?
    Sports what would we do with out them? The Economy, social and morale changes going on, the world political scene, American soldiers dying almost daily in Afghanistan, 20 million plus Americans using illegal drugs or illegally obtaining illegally prescription drugs and this does not include all those abusing alcohol , job market looking bleak for our children, retirement way out of reach for most of our age group and then all the personnel challenges we all face.
    Bill, we don’t hide from the real world but sports sure gives me the chance to forget for a few hours even if it leaves me disappointed and calling them bums during and after the game.
    Bill, I hope you and Family enjoy Thanksgiving..

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