In Philadelphia Eagles on January 3, 2012 at 10:23 pm

I really enjoyed listening to Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie tell the Philly media sharks that Head Coach Andy Reid and the rest of the Eagles administration would be back. I don’t really care about Joe Banner and Howie Roseman because Andy is the guy that pushes all of the buttons. There were two things I enjoyed the most about this decision. First, Lurie actually does understand football and realizes that the pieces are in place for a championship and it’s the players that have to be held accountable as well as the coaches. 39 turnovers to lead the league is an embarrassment and that’s on the players. Jumping offsides at the most critical part of the game that cost another win.  Asomugha lining up offsides on a 3 and 11 incompletion that gave Arizona another chance, made the first down and drove down for the winning score. Alex Henery missing FG’s that ultimately cost the 49’ers game. AT SOME POINT THE PLAYERS MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!! Coaches at the professional level have nothing to do with these crucial mistakes. Players have to make plays! Secondly, Lurie showed he has the stomach to stand up to the garbage that is sports radio and the media in Philadelphia. Enough said on that subject. Let the big mouths that have never worn a uniform, been in a locker room and surely never been in a coaches meeting do there best to ruin sports in the best sports city in America.

Looking forward to next year the priorities should be simple, sign Desean, get Linebacker help through the draft or free agency, sign a quality back up QB, sign an experienced third WR and tackle to back up Peters and Herremans incase one goes down, unload Samuel, Smith and the othr dead weight. The O-Line has improved with the two rookies, TE’s are solid, WR’s with Jackson are solid, Shady and Schmidt are solid, Vick is good when healthy but a back up is needed. The defense is solid up front, the LB’s got better but are very young and some help is needed. The DB’s are decent but I sure expected much more from Asomugha. Every team in the league couldn’t have been wrong on this guy. The young guys will continue to get better. The kicking game is solid with the two rookies.

My glass is half full for the 2012 Eagles and Jeff Lurie’s press conference today solidified my thinking. THE PLAYERS WILL PLAY!

  1. Bill, I am glad the analyst in you is advocating keeping Jackson. He is a game changing play maker in the NFL. They are hard to find.

    • He needs to remember that you’re supposed to come to work every day and not lert your team down because you’re pouting. He needds to act like an adult and show up for work. I’m sure there were a lot of things that happened to cause Andy to sit him a full game.

  2. Exchanging views at a bar was louder and you never let facts get in the way of good argument. Back to Jackson for the moment. My observation from a distance is that the Eagles respond too slowly in compensating achievement. A 21 year old kid even with an agent has no chance getting a deal that is better than the market. If that player however should exceed the production expectation of his Rookie contract. Then the team should should be proactive in renegotiating when performance warrants.

    • Dave,
      I don’t disagree about out performing his rookie contract and that the Eagles may have been a little slow to pay him, however, if it’s true that he thinks he should get Larry Fitzgerald money I think he’s badly mistaken. Also, now that we are where we are his actions have left a very taste in my mouth. We’ll see how the team feels about it when it comes time to pay up.

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