The Word of the Day – PERSISTENCE – Bradley

In The Word of the Day on February 2, 2012 at 7:23 am


“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in”

 Bill Bradley NBA Basketball Great, Rhodes Scholar & U.S. Senator

  1. Bill, as usual good quote but the description fails to note that he was a Democratic Senator

  2. Bill, In case you forgot the Super Bowl is Sunday. I don’t know if I can afford to miss your expert analysis. ( Of course I only use your analysis for entertainment purposes.)

    This year I have an added dilemma. If the Giants win , I have to listen to how the Redskins beat the Giants twice this year and except for few somethings or others the Redskins could have won the Super Bowl. However if the Pretty boy’s team wins then he ranks up with the only other QBs to win four SBs, The legend from Notre Dame and intellectual from La.Tech.

    • Dave, Super Bowl post is coming tomorrow. I’ve tried to forget that it’s Sunday. I’ve also been working on a Greatest QB of all time post that is full of facts that I hope you’ll like. I’m waiting until after the SB because I win by a certain QB changes his status a great deal. I’ve actually tried to do his statistically over the careers of 14 QB’s that I selected and gave each area a ranking. I haven’t even finalized all the numbers because I don’t want to know how it comes out until after the SB.

      • I guess i can wait another day for a Super Bowl analysis.

        But you now have my attention about the 14 greatest I assume Pro QB’s. I am putting you on notice if a certain Alabama QB that wore a green and white #12 jersey makes the list, I may have to question your motives.

      • He did not make the list!!! Tried to balance it out but you just couldn’t do statistical analysis and include Unites, Starr, Griese. The game has changed so much to passing they just didn’t fit. I’ll will give them props.

  3. Oh so old school vs new school . Or should I say QB’s that wore Jerseys like the rest of the men vs the ones that wear the pink dresses. I may have to visit Pitman Ave and get a refresher course on the Pro football era when you were allow to hit the QB.

    • Very true. I did include Staubach, Bradshaw ect. Tried to base it on % of categories to balance it out. Example if you threw 200 passes in a season versus 400 and your completion % was 60% versus 55% you could still rank higher in that category.

      • Bill, You may want to put forward all your categories first. It will give us knuckle heads a chance to think in terms of numbers before we associate names with your rankings. Either way sounds like fact will be needed to argue placements not emotions.

      • Good idea. Maybe I’ll do a lead in one day amd give categories and the 14 names and the follow up with the findings. This debate may take more than 1 at the O’s.

  4. More than one would leave me unable to read the list but it sounds like a good way to spend the afternoon. I already put together my list from memory and I will fight for the Dutchman to stay on that list.

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