Reluctant Congratulations to the Giants

In Pro Football on February 6, 2012 at 11:06 am

For those of you that know me and follow my posts on a regular basis you know that I despise the New York Giants. You also know that I was a high school football coach for many years so I appreciated talent, effort and game planning as well as anybody. With that said I have to take my hat off to the Giants, specifically Head Coach Tom Coughlin, Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gibride and Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell along with, dare I say, Eli Manning. I think the Giants game plan for this game was fantastic on offense. They ran the ball enough to keep New England on their heels and used the short passing game to move the ball while allowing Manning to manage the game and not putting him in position to make mistakes. When they did stretch the field they weren’t great but got a great catch from Hakeem Nicks across the middle and a sensational catch by Mario Manningham that turned in to be the play of the game. On defense the Giants were able to keep decent pressure on Tom Brady and did a nice job in coverage the entire game. I can’t say how healthy Rod Gronkowski was but he was on the field and playing and the Giants took him out of the game. Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker had decent games although Welker didn’t come up with a catch that probably would’ve put the game away for the Patriots. There were several big plays in this game that in my mind swung the momentum back and forth. Obviously the first one was the intentional grounding penalty on Brady on the first NE play of the game for a safety. Another was NE creating and recovering a fumble only to have a too many men on the field penalty overturn it. Going the other direction, I thought the holding penalty against the Giants as they drove down the field was weak at best and stalled their drive. The defensive offsides penalty against the Patriots on 3rd and 7 in the 4th quarter that went incomplete and would have made the Giants punt turned in to 3rd and 2 which the Giants converted and continued their drive for points. Huge Play!! The Welker no catch and the Manningham catch were obviously big plays in both directions but the play of the game for me was the Chase Blackburn interception of Brady. NE had control of the game at that point and Brady got greedy. If he throws that ball away or runs for a few yards and gets out of bounds or just hits the ground his team is still in good position to move down the field and add points, eat up clock and continue the momentum. The interception changed all of that and gave the Giants the life they needed. How can you let a linebacker intercept a pass 40 yards downfield because you under threw it? That turned out to be the only turnover of the game. I thought another key point in the game was the NY special teams. The punting of Steve Weatherford left NE working in bad field position a good part of the game and although the Patriots drove 96 yards for a TD after one of those punts they had to earn every one of those yards. Also, the late 34 yard kickoff return by Jerrel Jernigan after NE scored left the Giants with a much shorter field to work with.

In the end the 9-7 Giants, who barely snuck in to the playoffs, with Manning/Manningham making the play and Brady/Welker not making the play were the difference. It was a great win for the Giants and for Tom Coughlin and his staff. It’s probably safe to say they executed their game plan to near perfection on both sides of the ball.

Congratulations to the Giants!!

Football is now over for 2011and it’s time to prepare for the 2012 E-A-G-LE-S!!!!!! Please get a stud linebacker!!!!

  1. If Tony Romo or Joe Flacco made the mistakes Tom Brady made on the first play from scrimmage and later in the game on the pass to Gronkowski they would be getting crucified today by the experts. Because he’s Tom Brady you don’t hear a word. The double standard out there is a joke. Brady would have 3 more rings if he stepped up in his last three big games. Nobody talks about that.

    • Kevin,
      I don’t diagree that Brady has not been as good as he’s been in the past, however, I just don’t think he has any weapons. Welker is a good receiver but he’s an underneath guy. The 2 TE alignment has worked out but that’s because of matchup problems. They have nobody to stretch the field and really haven’t for awhile. They have pretty much no running game and never have had much. A big difference is the defense isn’t as good as it used to be and games are closer. Also, when they had Veniteri he was good from anywhere inside 50. When it’s all said and done there may not be one offensive HOF player that played with him unless he turns Welker in to HOF. Moss doesn’t really qualify. Maybe Matt Light or someone like that. Even Bruschi is probably borderline. Who am I missing?? He’s done more with less that anyone.

  2. I know your type and I know deep down your a Giant/Yankee kinda guy…..

    • I actually thought the Giants played pretty decent but I was pulling against them until the last hail Mary hit the ground. Dispice them!!!!!

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