In Philadelphia Phillies on February 19, 2012 at 7:11 pm

Since the Pitchers & Catchers worked out for the frist time today and we’re all excited for the start of the season lets have a little quick fun to get Spring Training going. Opening game is April 5th in Pittsburgh and the first home game is Monday April 9th against the Florida Marlins.

So here you go, whos’ your favorite Phillie?

Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Placido Polanco, John Mayberry, Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence, Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz, Jim Thome, Roy Halliday, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Vance Worley, Kyle Kendrick, Joe Blanton, Michael Stutes, Antonio Bastardo, Jonathan Pappelbon, Brian Schneider, Michael Martinez, Juan Pierre, Laynce Nix, Jose Contrares, David Herndon, Dontrelle Willis, Michael Schwimer, Phillippe Aumont, Ty Wiggington, Dominic Brown, Chad Qualls.

Barring a trade some combination of these guys will be the opening day roster. Can you come up with ONE name as your favorite Phillie? Better yet, if you could have a free jersey of any player to wear around town whose jersey would you pick?? Feel free to click the Comment button and Respond.

Mike pick? I can’t decide right now, Utley, Hamels, Halliday???

Let the Spring begin!!!

  1. Hunter Pence , hands down. With a half a year here now, going into his first full year I think he will be the best player and new team leader.

    • I’m going to stick with Chase Utley and I’ll go with Cole Hamels as the pitcher. I’m breaking the rules and I made them. I think this isw the breakout season for Cole. 23 wins or so. He’s so good!!!

  2. And my pitcher is still Hamels.

  3. From “Pop” Bill Furman: Del Ennis, Wally Moses, Elmer Valo, Jim Constanti, Robin Roberts. How remembers these guys??

  4. i recognize Ennis and Roberts names. Three other three i need to look up. Thank your Dad for a little “old schooling”.

  5. My favorite player on the team is Jim Thome. I am glad to see him back in town. Rewind the clock about 9 years. No big names even considered coming here until he changed that prior to the 2003 season. We had an inferiority complex about this team as players avoided us (JD Drew) or took the first bus out of town (Scott Rolen). In his two full seasons here, Thome averaged 45 HR’s and 118 RBI’s. He’s the guy that put a buzz back around town about this franchise that was dead since the 1994 strike. It has been building ever since. Am I giving him too much credit? Probably. However, he is one of the good guys in the game and deserves to play on a team like this near the end of his career like another great #25 (Don Baylor) did many years ago for some championship teams in the late 80s.

    • Keven,
      I don’t think you’re giving him too much cradit at all. I wish he had a little more gas in the tank but I’m glad he’s here for hopefully a World Series run. A class guy that goes along with many others on this team.

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