Phillies Profile – Roy “Doc” Halladay

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Over the next 28 days Philly Pressbox ( (@phillypressbox) will be doing a review and analysis of each Phillies player, Manager Charlie Manuel and the coaching staff leading up to Opening Day 2012.  Day 3 in our series is our first look at a player, Roy “Doc” Halladay

Roy Halladay – “Doc” has clearly been the best pitcher in the major leagues over the last 10 seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays and the Phillies. In the first 4 seasons of his career Doc carried an 18-17 record. That all turned around in 2002 when he became a 19 game winner. He led the league in innings pitched for the first time and made his first All Star team. He followed that up with 22 wins in 2003. He led the league in complete games and again in innings pitched, made his 2nd All Star team and won his first Cy Young Award at the age of 26. Halladay pitched 6 more seasons for Toronto amassing 89 more wins, including a 20 win season in 2008, and 45 loses over that time while making 5 more All Star teams. Following is a summary of Halladay’s Toronto Stats:

148 wins – 63 loses, 3.43 ERA

49 Complete Games

15 Shutouts

1495 Strike Outs

6 All Star Teams

1 Cy Young Award

In 2010 Doc became a Phillie. Since then he has won 40 games while losing 16 for The Fightins. His ERA is 2.40. He won the Cy Young Award in 2010, with 21 wins. He finished second in 2011. He has also led the league in complete games in both of his seasons with the Phillies with 9 in 2010 and 8 in 2011. The individual highlights of Halliday’s Phillies career are his perfect game on May 29, 2010 against the Florida Marlins and his playoff game no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds on October 6, 2010. Docs Phillies 2 year statistics are as follows.

40 wins – 16 loses, 2.40 ERA

17 Complete Games

439 Strike Outs

2 All Star Teams

1 Cy Young Award

Halladay prepares to begin his 15th big league season. He will turn 35 in May. Doc has led the league in innings pitched 4 times and has thrown over 200 innings 6 seasons in a row while averaging 236 innings per season over his career. With the announced retirement of Tim Wakefield, Halliday is now the active career wins leader with 188. He should also reach the 2000 career strikeout mark this season.

Holliday’s combined career stats:

188 wins – 92 losses, 3.23 ERA

2531 Innings Pitched

66 Complete Games

20 shutouts

1934 Strikeouts

8 All Star Games

2 Cy Young Awards

Personal Analysis

Halladay is the anchor of the Phillies outstanding staff. His work ethic off the field and concentration on it are legendary. Doc leads the younger members of the staff by example. His performance has shown no signs of declining as the numbers show. We see Doc winning 18-20 games and to continue to eat up innings as he has in the past taking pressure off the rest of the staff by facing the number one pitcher on each of the opposing staffs. As stated earlier, Phillies fans should have the opportunity to celebrate Halladay’s career milestones of 200 wins and 2000 strikeouts in 2012.

Tomorrow we will review Cliff Lee.

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  1. Great stuff Billy, I enjoyed the last couple if posts. Thanks for sharing this great stuff.

    Don T.

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