Flyers – Penguins Game 3 Debacle

In Philadelphia Flyers on April 16, 2012 at 11:31 pm


After having a night to sleep on the “Debacle on Broad Street” that was the Flyers – Penguins game on Sunday afternoon we have some thoughts on the game.

First, the Penguins knew coming in to the game that they couldn’t beat the Flyers. Here’s why. In trying to make sense of the “thug” actions of the Penguins we can only figure that they felt that by creating “cheap and dirty” penalties against the Flyers that the Flyers would retaliate and the both teams would be penalized, creating 4 on 4 situations that likely could favor the Penguins by freeing up ice space for their “star” skaters. It didn’t work because the Penguins went beyond creating penalties to downright “cheap and dirty” hockey. The Flyers have dominated 5 on 5 play throughout the first two games of the series. The Flyers have dominated special teams throughout the series, both on the power play and shorthanded. The only thing left was to try 4 on 4.

Frankly, the Penguins were an embarrassment to the new era of hockey that team owner Mario Lemieux so badly whined about several years ago. “We, as a league, must do a better job of protecting the integrity of the game and the safety of our players. We must make it clear that those kinds of actions will not be tolerated and will be met with meaningful disciplinary action.” – in reference to NHL’s lack of action for Islander’s Goonery vs Penguins. Mario needs to look no further than his own hockey club to see everything that he was preaching against. It starts with his superstar, Sidney Crosby. Crosby was the instigator in nearly every event that took place in the game, from continuing to swat at Ilya Bryzgalov glove after the whistle, to knocking away a glove from a player trying to pick it up, (talk about childish and bush league) to grabbing Scott Hartnell from behind, which started another melee, but would never drop his gloves. He pretended to throw a few at Claude Giroux when Giroux was being held by the referees and eventually down on the ice. When Brayden Shenn looked him in the eyes and asked him “to dance” he wanted no part of it.


 The fact is the Penguins can’t play with the Flyers!! Plain and simple. As far as Crosby, he needs to take a lesson in leadership. When you want to be a leader you “step-up” and be a man, whether you “get whipped” or “do the whipping” your respected by your teammates and opponents for trying to be the man. In Crosby’s case his “cheap shot”, childish antics took him from, arguably, the greatest player in the league to the most despised player in the league. He far exceeded his normal whining with his bush league play. Even the New York Ranger fans are rooting for the Flyers because of Crosby. And just so we’re not being over critical since we’re Philly fans, listen to Don Cherry, possible the most respected hockey man in Canada, Mike Milbury, Barry Melrose, and every national broadcaster on every channel that covers the NHL.

Above all listen to their own fans. There’s a terrific article that we’ve attached from a lifelong Penguins fan that tells the whole story. An Open Letter to Penguins Even their own fans are embarrassed by them!! Ron Cooke a very highly respected columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and a known Flyer hater was on the WIP Morning Show this morning and ripped the “thuggery”. His words not ours!!

For the Flyers, it’s time to finish the frauds that are the Pittsburgh Penguins and send them home to start golf season. The Flyers need to remain disciplined and stay out of the penalty box, skate with their heads up and score another 8 goals. The first three games have been very entertaining for Flyers fans so we might as well finish it up with a sweep!!!

The Fat Lady is Warming Up!!!!

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