Top 100 NHL Players – Any Flyers? Let the Debate Begin!!!

In Philadelphia Flyers on April 26, 2012 at 2:45 pm

While waiting for the Flyers 2nd round playoff opponent, and waiting on The Fightin’s to get back home, or at least to the Eastern Time zone and the 76ers to start the playoffs, oopps, did we forget the NFL draft tonight, we found some time to find a hockey article that we found to be very interesting.

On April 21, Bleacher Report posted an article, credited to Andre Khatchaturian, listing the 100 Best Players in the NHL – Right Now. This post was especially interesting coming off the Flyers recent dismantling of the Pittsburgh Penguins in six games. We’re not going to go through the entire list of 100 names with you; however, we’re going to tell you where the Flyers ended up on the list as well as the final seventeen players. So without any further ado hockey fans here you go:

# 94 Matt Carle

#83 for ole time sake – Mike Richards

#76 Scott Hartnell

#48 Chris Pronger – Not sure I get that one!!

Take a deep breath and ask yourself how you like the list so far.

#17 Claude Giroux – That’s right our Claude Giroux. The Flyer that just put the team on his back and carried them to the playoff victory.

#16 Tim Thomas

#15 Alex Ovechkin

#14 Jaraslav Halak

#13 Corey Perry

#12 Kris Letang

#11 Ilya Kovalchuk

#10 Henrik Lundqvist

#9 Jonathan Quick

#8 Pavel Datsyuk

#7 Shea Weber

#6 Daniel Sedin

Well, what do you think so far? Who’s missing from the list? What order should they be in?

Here ya go!!!

#5 Henrik Sedin

#4 Zdeno Chara

#3 Steven Stamkos

#2 Evgeni Malkin

#1 Sidney Crosby

There you have one man’s opinion.  I can’t say I disagree more.



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  1. This list is a complete and total joke. Giroux is in everybody’s Top 5. He has Charra 4 and Weber 7 but does not have Erik Karlsson who is the third finalist for Norris Trophy anywhere on the list. A lot of people think he could win it. Putting Crosby and Malkin 1,2 is ridiculous. Shouldn’t playing be a requirement to be the best? Crosby didn’t play half the games this year! That would be like listing Peyton Manning as the best QB in the NFL based on last season.

  2. Kevin, I agree. I’ve lost all respect for Crosby as a player and a leader. He was pretty much a no-show in the series except when he was doing something stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if they say he’s hurt. After the collision with Malkin he disappeared. Malkin on the other hand played his butt off. He threw some cheap shots but they all do. I thought he played hard until the end. To me, Stamkos is the class of the league. I haven’t seen him enough to know what his special teams work is like but he’s a scoring machine. I’ll put Giroux up there with those guys.

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