The Colllege Football Coverage Preview

In College Football on August 3, 2012 at 9:34 pm
This is a annual put together by our friends at College Football Coverage. It’s a great easy to read book with extensive detailed break downs of the Top 25 teams as well as predictions on how each conference will finish in the standings. There’s also a look at the pre-season Heisman candidates. All for only $2.99. See how you can purchase it below. Check it out and click on the College Football Coverage link below and follow throughout the season.
The 2012 College Football Preview Book is a comprehensive look into the upcoming college football season. You won’t find pictures, fluff or filler in this preview, just the information that any avid college football fan would want heading into the season. So what makes our publication different from all of the other preview publications out there? We have a very simple and concise format for you to follow, and we provide a quick snapshot of the overall landscape of college football. It makes for a quick read and provides enough information for you to be informed on how things will play out in 2012.
The CFC preview book is highlighted by our in-depth look at the TOP 25 teams, the Heisman preview, National Title Game preview and predictions on the BCS games; and we provide you with our predictions on how things will play out in each conference.
The CFC 2012 College Football Preview Book was designed specifically for tablet users. You can purchase it at the following online stores:Apple IBookstore (for Ipad) — available now
Amazon (for Kindle) — available now
Barnes & Noble (for Nook) — available now
Reader Store (for Sony Reader) — coming soon
Kobo — coming soon

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