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We thought this would be a good time to get the fans to sound off about who you will vote for in the upcoming Eagles “Stay” or “Go” vote that they hold after every sports season. With no playoffs again this year, and changes likely to begin next Monday, we thought this would be a good time to begin the discussion.


On January 8, 2012 Philly Pressbox posted an article based on the fan vote coming off of the 8-8 season in 2011. See the following link.


To summarize that fan vote, we the fans voted to keep 21 of the 22 starters, Asante Samuel being the only player we wanted to get rid of and the Eagles did that. We also voted to keep the kicker, punter and long snapper. Overall the fans were very happy with the players but unhappy with the staff. We voted that Andy Reid, Marty Mornhinweg, Juan Castillo, Howie Roseman and Joe Banner all needed to go. Banner was gone first and then Castillo by mid-season.


As the Eagles sit 4-11 with the season finale Sunday against the Giants in New York, who will you vote for to “stay” or “go” after this miserable season??


A few names to ponder as a reminder:

Offense: Vick, Foles, Edwards, McCoy, Brown, Lewis, Polk, Havili, Igwenagu, Jackson, Maclin, Johnson, McNutt, Avant, Cooper, Gilyard, Celek, Harbor, Dunlap, Bell, Herremans, Reynolds, Kelce, Scott, Mathis, Kelly, Watkins, Peters.


Defense: Graham, Jenkins, Cox, Cole, Hunt, Landri, Thornton, Curry, Tapp, Dixon, Patterson, Kendricks, Ryans, Chaney, Jordan, Matthews, Rodgers-Cromarti, Asomugha, Anderson, Coleman, Marsh, Boykin, Hughes, Allen, Sims.


Specialist: Henery, McBriar, Dorenbos

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  1. This is a great subject to talk about. This has been a horrible season and I look forward to pain being over. The Eagles struggled through injuries all year and staffing changes.
    The Eagles really need to focus on getting a front line that will protect the quarterback and give him time to pass. With that said I feel we need to let Vick go and replace Andy with a good offensive minded coach to enable some excitement for Foles to shine. Foles looks to be the go to guy for the future. He should be successful but only with protection. If he does not get it we will look at another poor disappointing season.

    • Rob,
      I think the injuries on the offensive line destroyed this team. Losing Peters, the best tackle in football, create chaos from the start. and it got worse from there. The inexcusable fumbles by Vick early in the season were unbelievable. As more linemen went down opponents realized that the backups couldn’t get the job done and started blitzing like crazy creating 2nd and 3rd and long situations thus taking Shady out of the offense. The blitzing also took Jackson out of the offense because there wasn’t time to get him down the field. A snowballing situation. On defense I thought they were actually playing decent before firing Castillo but folded after that. When Castillo was fired it was the offense that was struggling not the defense. It will be interesting to see if there’s a total housecleaning or not.

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