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The 1972-73 Philadelphia 76’ers are considered the worst team in the history of the NBA, accumulating a 9-73 record.  I was a 1st round draft pick in the 1972 NBA draft.  I played in every game and made the NBA All Rookie 1st Team even though I shot only 39% from the field.  Do you know who I am?


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  1. Here are 9 interesting facts about that team (one for each win):

    1. The Sixers played 10 of their home games that season in Pittsburgh and Hershey. They went 1-9 in those 10 games. In the 31 games in Philly, the Sixers went 5-26.

    2. While this team makes everybody’s top 5 of the worst teams ever in the big four sports, they did find a way to shock the world a few times. 3 of the 9 wins came against the World Champion New York Knicks (57-25), Milwaukee (60-22) and Baltimore (52-30). Those three wins came in a stretch in February where they went 5-4 over 9 games. After that was done they lost 13 in a row to finish the season and before that streak started they had lost 20 in a row. Those three wins were the only 3 teams they beat all year with a winning record.

    3. The Sixers won 2 games on the opposing teams home floor (Buffalo and Seattle). The other away win came in San Antonio against the Rockets.

    4. One team that the Sixers did not like facing was the Los Angeles Lakers. They lost all 4 games to them by a combined 120 points. The closest game between the two teams was 18 points.

    5. The Sixers started the season on a 15 game losing streak and had three other losing streaks greater than 10 games (14, 13, and 20)

    6. The Sixers won 4 games in a row in Philadelphia during that stretch in February. The only other month where they recorded a win in Philadelphia came in December against Tiny Archibald and the KC-Omaha Kings.

    7. Roy Rubin started the 1972-1973 season as head coach. He went 4-47 in 51 games and was replaced by Kevin Loughery. Loughery played in 32 games for the team during the season and he scored 64 points in the teams first 3 wins. He played his last game for the Sixers on January 5, 1973 in Seattle. Loughery never suited up for the Sixers after being named coach. The coaching change did not do much for the team as they lost his first 11 games as head coach.

    8. Fred Carter was the leading scorer on the 1972-1973 team averaging almost 20 points a game. He came back to coach a really bad Sixers team that went 32-76 over two seasons between 1993-1994.

    9. Just to show how non-competitive this team was, they lost by double digits in 47 of the 73 losses.

  2. The answer is Freddie Boyd. The 6’2″ rookie guard from Oregon State averaged 10.2 points per game, shooting just 39.2% from the field, while playing in all 82 games that season for the 76er’s.

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