Who’s Your Favorite Eagles QB, Jaworski, Cunningham or McNabb?

In Philadelphia Eagles on July 5, 2013 at 4:30 pm

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While listening to opinions and fielding questions in regards to our present poll we’re conducting in our article “What Philly Non Hall of Famer has meant the most to the City” The link follows: there was great support for a couple of Eagles QB’s. Most surprising to us is that Ron Jaworski received a bunch of immediate support and received a handful of early votes. Not long after the Donovan McNabb supports came out. One voter went so far as to say “there shouldn’t even be a poll there’s no one close to what McNabb did in this city”.

 This conversation led the boys to get back together over a few beverages and a BBQ to discuss the subject and we want to give you a chance to vote again.

 From 1977-2009 there have been 386 Philadelphia Eagles regular season football games started by Ron Jaworski, 137, Randall Cunningham, 107 and Donovan McNabb, 142 at the QB position.

 Here are some facts and stats to help you decide which of the three is your favorite Eagles QB covering over 30 years of Eagles football.

 Ron Jaworski – “The Polish Rifle”

 Jaworski was traded to the Eagles and thrived under coach Dick Vermeil and led the offense in the rebuilding process that lead to the Super Bowl following the 1980 season and Jaws only trip to the Pro Bowl.

 Jaws overall record with the Eagles was 69-67-1. He threw for 26,963 yards, 175 TD’s and 151 interceptions.  He was at the helm as the Eagles made 4 consecutive years of playoff appearances recording a 3-4 record winning one NFC Championship.

 He never led the league in any category except getting sacked. He led the league in that in 1977, 1982 and 1983 with 47, 31 and 53. The man took a beating!!

 After his retirement following the 1989 season Jaws settled in South Jersey and has been a fixture in Philadelphia thru TV, ownership, golf courses and charity work.

 Randall Cunningham – “The Ultimate Weapon”

 Randall was a 2nd round draft pick in the 1985 draft. He picked up where Jaws left off by starting 107 games for The Birds from 1985-1995. This was known as “The Buddy Ryan and Rich Kotite Eras”. During that time Cunningham and the Eagles were 63-43-1 in games he started. He threw for 22,877 yards, 150 TD’s and 105 interceptions in his Eagles career. He rushed for 4,482 yards and 32 touchdowns which included a 942 yard season in 1990. He also has a 91 yard punt to his credit, which is the longest in Eagles history and the 4th longest of all time.

 Randall made 3 Pro Bowls as an Eagle, 1988-90, won the Pro Bowl MVP in 1988 and was named NFC Player of the Year in 1990.

 With Randall under center the Eagles compiled a 1-4 playoff record and never won an NFC Championship.

 Donovan McNabb – “5”

 After the Eagles squandered at QB from the end of the 1995 season through 1998 new Head Coach Andy Reid selected Donovan McNabb with the 2nd overall pick in the 1999 draft. That was the start of “The Andy Reid Era”.

 McNabb went on to start 142 Eagles regular season games from 1999-2009. The teams’ record in those games was 92-49-1. McNabb threw for 32,872 yards, 216 TD’s and 100 interceptions. He also rushed for 3,249 yards and 28 TD’s in his Eagles career.

 “5” was selected to 6 Pro Bowls. In 2004, he was selected NFC Offensive Player of the Year and NFC Player of the Year.

 During his tenure with the Eagles, he led the team to four consecutive NFC East division championships (2001-2004,  five NFC Championship Games (2001-2004 and 2008), and made one trip to the Super Bowl. His teams were 10-8 in the playoffs with 1 NFC Championship.

 Donovan holds nearly every passing record in Eagles history.

 There you have some statistical history which may or may not mean anything to you because you already have a favorite. Now’s your time to pick you favorite Eagles QB of the last 30+ years.



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