“View from the Philly Pressbox” – Do the Eagles have a Secret Weapon?

In Philadelphia Eagles on December 18, 2013 at 9:35 am

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As the Eagles head in to the final two games of the season and, hopefully, in to the playoffs is it time to see if they truly have a secret weapon as part of their team?

We all know that as you enter the playoff run that the defenses get better, well maybe not the Dallas Cowboys, and offenses have to be on top of their game. We know that the Eagles defense can be suspect itself so keeping the offense operating on all cylinders is critical. The Minnesota Viking exposed some weaknesses in the Eagles offense by rushing Nick Foles relentlessly throughout the game. The O-Line struggled some for the first time in several weeks and Foles looked a bit rattled early before settling in while playing from behind. Whether it be the Vikings defense or Chip Kelly’s play calling the running game disappeared with LeSean McCoy getting only 8 carries for 38 yards and Foles 5 carries for 41, a whopping total of 79 yards rushing. It’s safe to say the leading rusher in the NFL needs 18-25 carries and he will get 100 yards.

Nick Foles has done an outstanding job of running the Eagles offense, making good decisions, and maybe most importantly protecting the football.  Foles biggest weakness in the read option offense is his inability to run the ball well. He’s made the best of the situation and done nothing wrong while he’s running the ball but there could be more. That brings us to Michael Vick, the secret weapon! It’s time to have a read option package for Vick, from time to time, against these tough defenses. If nothing else the defense will have to respect him running the football. If keeping one man home gives McCoy more space to run or allows the O-Line to get a better match up then why not. If no one stays home then Vick can run for a lot more yards than Foles and open the field up for the rest of the offense.

Don’t get me wrong, Nick Foles is the starting QB. What I’m talking about is maybe 5-7 situational snaps per game. I don’t want Vick in there throwing the ball and being reckless. Foles has handled everything that’s been thrown his way so I don’t see this as a distraction to him or a break in his consistency but rather utilizing all the talent you have available on the 53 man roster.

Going down the stretch don’t be surprised to see #7 on the field. It won’t be a bad thing!!

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  1. Bill, Secret weapon, really from you. Bob has successfully warped your football brain.

    What Pop Warner coach would not be ready for a rusty, over the hill , turn over machine running QB to be brought in for 10% of the offense’s snaps.

    We need the analytical football man back. The Eagles are playing the thirty second ranked defense against the run and the seventh ranked offense.

    Get back in your office and get us a game plan that exploits that defense and puts real pressure on Cutler.

    Next time, post Bob’s kool aid ingredients before you give us gimmicks and trick plays as part of your game plan, This way we will have the option of warping our minds before we read your game plan.

  2. My first beating of the Christmas season!!! Actually the Eagles are a gimmick filled offense that utilizes wide tackles, unbalanced lines, triple reverses as part of the playbook each week. We’ve even seen Jackson taking snaps in the “wildcat”. The read option is a good play in the NFL when you have people that can run it so why not utilize the guys they have. By the way, the “rusty, over the hill, turn over machine running QB” is still the fastest player on the team. Honestly, I’d rather see Vick run a 3rd down read option from my own 25 yard line than going for it on 4th and 1 from the 26 in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Kool Aid ingredients are on the way.

  3. I am growing more concerned by the minute. An intervention may be necessary. First, please get these post on facebook. I need all the help I can get to pull you back from the Kool aid crazies that have taken you over.

    Andy Reid, Jim Mora, and Dan Reeves what do these three coaches have in common. They also lost their jobs when Vick was their starting QB.

    Great he is the fastest man on the field. Put him in the slot or as the second tight end and see if the Bears have anyone that can catch him. Better thought give him Bob’s seat number and let him run Kool aid from Bob’s seat to the Bears bench.

    You and everyone in the stadium should be stopping Chip from going for it on fourth and one in that situation.

    Let Chip keep his goofy formations as long as Foles and McCoy are not getting killed.

    The Redskins could beat the Cowboys. The Eagles then clinch with a win over the Bears. Real football minds are needed you can give the kool aid drinkers credit after the win if you like.

    • I could write a book on Chip from Sunday but there’s not time. As far as the Kool Aid Kids I’ve given up on them. They spew nonsense every time they open their mouth. We are getting the game plan ready for da Bears but early on I think the Eagles will have their hands full. One thing is for sure you don’t have to worry about me drinking the Kool Aid!!!

      • A meaningful game in December, a good start for a new Coach.
        I saw an interesting stat that will not surprise you. The Rams are plus 17 in turnovers in their wins and minus 7 in their losses. Not so hard a game to understand but a very hard game to win.

        The kool aid drinkers do show up for the games win or lose in Philly

        Fed ex will be half Dallas jerseys on Sunday.
        The soap opera that surrounds the Redskins is great entertainment. One day its fire M Shannahan, next day its trade RG and keep the coach, now keep RG and the head coach and get rid of all the coordinators. Snyder is in another no win situation that of course he created.

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