Penn State Football All Time Team – Part 7

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All of the positions have been covered in posts 1-6. Below is a summary of those posts in what I consider to be the All Time Joe Paterno Penn State football team. We’ve also added the players that we overlooked that deserve mention with their individual positions. We have put together a list of the GREATEST MOMENTS in PSU Football history. They are sure to bring back some memories young and old. Lastly, we have included a list of outstanding accomplishments by PSU opponents over the years. These are sure to bring back memories if you were at the game or saw it on TV.

We hope that you have enjoyed the series as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together. It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve enjoyed the feedback from our followers. We received a return Tweet from AQ Shipley who checked in and a Retweet of the posts by Jordan Norwood. Thanks to all.


1ST TEAM                                                                             2nd TEAM

OL – Jeff Hartings                                                         OL – Levi Brown

OL – Steve Wisniewski                                                 OL – Tom Rafferty

OL – Sean Farrell                                                           OL – Marco Rivera

OL – Keith Dorney                                                         OL – Kareem McKenzie

OL – Mike Munchak                                                       OL – AQ Shipley

TE – Ted Kwalick                                                            TE – Kyle Brady

WR – Bobby Engram                                                     WR – Jordan Norwood

WR – Deon Butler                                                            WR – Kenny Jackson

WR – OJ McDuffie

QB – Kerry Collins                                                           QB – Chuck Fusina

RB – Curt Warner                                                            RB – Lydell Mitchell

RB – Ki-Jana Carter                                                        RB – Curtis Enis

RB – John Cappelletti

Honorable Mention:

Irv Pankey, Charlie Getty, Dave Szott, Andre Johnson, Brad Benson, Chris Conlin, Stephon Wisniewski , John Nessell, Dave Joyner,  Bill Dugan, Todd Moules, Rich Ohrnberger, Jack Baiorunos, Rich Buzin, Keith Conlin, bucky Greeley, Troy Drayton, Mike McCloskey, Andrew Quarles, Mickey Schuler Sr., Dan Natale, Tony Stewart, Gregg Garrity, Joe Jurevicious, Scott Fitzkee, Bryant Johnson, Derrick Williams, Freddie Scott, Jack Curry, Ethan Kilmer, Todd Blackledge, Daryll Clark, Zack Mills, Tony Sacca, John Shaffer, Chuck Burkhart, John Hufnagel, Michael Robinson, Larry Johnson, DJ Dozier, Blair Thomas, Evan Royster, Tony Hunt, Matt Suhey, Eric McCoo, Franco Harris, Charlie Pittman


1St Team                                                                                 2ND TEAM

DL – Courtney Brown                                                  DL – Matt Millen

DL – Bruce Clark                                                           DL – Larry Kubin

DL – Mike Reid                                                               DL – Steve Smear

DL – Devon Still                                                             DL – Randy Crowder

LB – Dennis Onkotz                                                       LB – Dan Connor

LB – Greg Buttle                                                             LB – Paul Posluszny

LB – Shane Conlan                                                        LB – Jack Ham

LB – LaVar Arrington                                                  LB – Andre Collins

DB – Neil Smith                                                              DB – Ray Isom

DB – Pete Harris                                                            DB – Bryan Scott

DB – Mark Robinson                                                     DB – Mike Zordich

DB – Darren Perry                                                        DB – Kim Herring

Honorable Mention:

Mike Hartenstein, Walker Lee Ashley, Tamba Hali, Tim Johnson, Randy Sidler, Lou Benfatti, Anthony Adams, Jimmy Kennedy, Aaron Maybin, Bob White,  Brad Scioli, Jared Odrick, Justin Kurpeikis, Michael Haynes, Jay Alford, Sean Lee, John Skorupan, Brandon Short, Jim Kates, Pete Giftopoulos, Brian Gelzheiser, Trey Bauer, Jim Nelson, Mark D‘Onofrio, Gary Gray, Ed O’Neil, Kurt Allerman, Lance Mehl, Chet Parlavecchio, Scott Radecic, Gerald Filardi, Navarro Bowman, Josh Hull, Charlie Zapiac, Don Graham, Mac Morrison, Jim Rosecrans, Trey Bauer, Brian Chizmar, John Ebersole, Phil Yaboah-Kodie, Jim Laslavic, Doug Allen, Ron Crosby, Rich Milot, Keith Goganious, Rich McKenzie, Reggie Givins, Josh Hull, Tim Shaw, Harry Hamilton, Tony Pittman, Shawn Mayer, Alan Zemaitis, Paul Lankford, Leonard Humphries, Shelly Hammonds, David Macklin, James Boyd, Bhawoh Jue, Calvin Lowry, Justin King, Anthony Scirrotto


1ST TEAM                                                                              2ND TEAM

Kevin Kelly                                                                          Travis Forney


1ST TEAM                                                                              2ND TEAM

Jeremy Kapinos                                                                 Jeremy Boone

Honorable Mention:

Chris Bahr, Matt Bahr, Craig Fayak, Robbie Gould, Massimo Manca, Brett Conway, Nick Gancitano, Herb Menhardt, Brian Franco, Colin Wagner, Ray Tarasi, Ryan Primanti, Ralph Giacomarro, Pat Pidgeon, John Bruno, Doug Helkowski, David Royer, Darrell Kania, Bob Parsons, Brian Masella, George Reynolds

 Honorable Mention Players We Missed:

Bruce Bannen, Tyoka Jackson, Rogers Alexander, Brandon Noble, Todd Atkins, Terry Killins, Bucky Greeley, Lee Rubin, Al Golden, Keith Karpinski, Ken Kelley, Sean McHugh, Jon Whitman, Sam Gash, Steve Smith, Richie Anderson, Tim Manoa, Leo Wisniewski, Derrick (Cameron) Wake, Duffy Cobbs, Brian Chizmar, Mark Markovich, Bill Lenkaitis, Brian Milne, Phil Ostrowski, Floyd Wedderburn, John Gilmore, Vyto Kab


  • Adam Taliaferro’s return to Beaver Stadium, 9/1/2001
  • “Intercepted Giftopolous” – PSU beats Miami and Vinny Testaverde in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl to win the National Championship
  • “Garrity…..Touchdown” – PSU beats Georgia and Herschel Walker in the 1983 Sugar Bowl to win the National Championship
  • PSU beats Kansas to win the 1969 Orange Bowl 15-14 and finished their 1st undefeated season.
  • PSU beat #1 ranked Notre Dame in 1990 in South Bend on Craig Fayak’s FG in the last minute,24-21
  • 1969 PSU beats Syracuse on the road 15-14 scoring all 14 points in the 4th quarter on the way to the 2nd undefeated season in a row.    
  • Joe Paterno wins #324 at Beaver Stadium vs Ohio State
  • John Cappelletti wins the 1973 Heisman Trophy
  • 2002 Larry Johnson runs for 279 yards versus Michigan State to reach 2000 in a season
  • 1991 PSU amasses 706 yards of total offense versus Cincinnati, 484 rushing.
  • 2000 NFL Draft when Courtney Brown and LaVar Arrington were drafted #1 & #2
  • From 1969, 70 and 71 PSU held Pitt to a total of 13 first downs
  • 1978 PSU held Maryland to -32 yards rushing
  • PSU beats Florida State in the 2006 Orange Bowl in 3 overtimes on Kevin Kelly’s FG to finish 11-1. This was last meeting between Paterno and Bowden
  • 2011 – JoePa win #409,  PSU 10 Illinois 7 the final victory!!
  • 2001 – JoePa win #324, PSU 29 Ohio State 27
  • 1995 Rose Bowl to finish undefeated PSU 38 Oregon 20
  • 2010 – JoePa win #400, PSU 35 Northwestern 21
  • 1994 – PSU 35 Illinois 31, come from behind victory on the way to another undefeated season


  • Doug Flutie threw for 520 yards in ’82, 380 in ’83 and 447 in ’84 against PSU
  • Drew Brees threw for 361 yards in ’98 and 379 yards in ‘99
  • Jeff Smoker threw for 356 yards in ’01 and 357 yards in ‘03
  • Ted Brown, NC State, rushed for 251 yards in ‘77
  • Michigan State RB’s Sedrick Irvin, 238 yards, and Marc Renaud, 203 yards were the only teammates to rush for more than 200 yards in a game.
  • Pitt’s Tony Dorsett rushed for 224 yards in ‘76
  • Thomas Lewis of Indiana had 285 yards receiving in ‘93
  • Alan Pinckett of Notre Dame scored 4 TD’s in a game twice in ’83 & ‘84
  • Adam Bailey, Minnesota ’97 and Joel Howells, Northwestern ’05, kicked 5 FG’s in a game
  • Gary Homer, Ohio U, kicked a 57 yard FG in ‘73
  • Tim Schade, Minnesota ’93, accounted for 536 yards of total offense
  • Skip Orzulak, Pitt ’68, had 16 receptions
  •  John Paci to Thomas Lewis, Indiana, ’93, completed a 99 yard pass the longest ever against PSU

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  1. Bill, have left off Bear Bryant from your greatest opponents list for a reason?

    • Believe me I thought about it. It was a great game but I’m not sure a great moment in PSU history. Joe didn’t fair well against the Bear. Pretty good list though. A awful lot of good names on those lists.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Bill,
    Great job on putting PSU all time team together. This may have been a labor of love, but a whole lot of time and effort were certainly spent on this project.

    • Thanks Dave. I tried to do it right. A did do a lot of research to get it done. There were so many forgotten names that brought back memories. Putting together the Greatest Moments all pretty much came off the top of my head and there were others I didn’t include. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for following it. Nothing like a good debate over a cold one!!!

    • I actually did a good deal of research to try to get it as right as I could. I had to have an extra RB because Cappy had to be included some how. A lot of big names and blasts from the past. Nothing better than a good sports debate over a few cold ones!!! Thanks for checking it out.

  3. Quite an impressive list and I have certainly enjoyed reviewing and thinking about the past and all the great memories of Penn State Football. I enjoyed your work and this project and would be happy to discuss with you at anytime my Penn State Football Collection if interested.

    Please feel free to email me.

    • Thanks Fred. A lot of thought went in to it. I’m sure there are some misses. So many great names and memories. Feel free to contact any time. I’ll pull up your email as well. Feel free to comment on the site here as well. There are alot of followers here that are PSU guys that I know and someof their friends that I don’t know. Also, if you have anything you want to dicuss I can put something together and we can crete an open forum.

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